Donate to the ALS Association Nevada Chapter


By donating to TeamCurtis4aCure you are not only helping to support the mission of the ALS Association Nevada Chapter by providing ongoing support to pALS and their families, you are broadening the scope of services to provide access to free transportation through the TeamCurtis4aCure Transportation Program. Additionally, we are supporting the caregivers who work so tirelessly to provide for their loved ones by donating respite grants.  These grants allow for caregivers to take much needed personal time to recharge and rejuvenate.

Donate to The Curtis Family 

Many people have asked how they can contribute to Chris and his family directly.


If you have an interest in contributing to the Curtis family, you can make a contribution to The Curtis 98 Family Trust. In addition to helping offset the costs of living with ALS, contributions to the The Curtis 98 Family trust go towards Chris' participation in experimental technology, equipment and treatments.


Gifts are NOT tax deductible.

Checks Payable To:
The Curtis 98 Family Trust
229 Drysdale Circle
Henderson, NV 89074


Click the ALS icon to donate directly to the ALS Nevada Chapter. Or see note above to donate to The Curtis  Family. #dowhatyoucando #endALS