Without the ability to move or speak, people with ALS (pALS) become "locked in."  They are entirely reliant on a team of caregivers (cALS) for their every need.  Our founding principal is #dowhatyoucando. We want to provide the access and mobility patients need to attend clinic and support services in addition to getting out and LIVING LIFE.

It is our goal to ensure that pALS are afforded access to mobility and life enhancing services while the search for a cure goes on.

Newport Beach, California:  Two years after diagnosis

Chris and Ellen Curtis reside in Henderson, Nevada.  A lifelong resident, Chris attended Bishop Gorman High School before attending college and law school in Southern California at UCLA and Loyola Law respectively.  Our eldest son Cameron is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno and works as a wildlife biologist/environmental scientist in Sacramento and our son Coleton is a junior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (Our chocolate lab Cally is hard at work in puppy school too.) Despite this devastating diagnosis, our family has vowed to appreciate the gift of each day, to laugh in the face of adversity and to live our mantra "Do What You Can Do."

TeamCurtis4aCure was founded after Chris Curtis, a prominent attorney, husband and father of two sons was diagnosed with ALS.  We learned a lot since his diagnosis, most importantly that it is a terribly devastating and underfunded disease.  In the 80 years since Lou Gehrig's diagnosis, there has been no effective treatment and no cure.


ALS affects the nerve cells (neurons) controlling the muscles that enable us to move, speak, swallow and breathe, causing them to degenerate and die.  A person's intellect and senses are not affected. So while the body deteriorates, the mind stays acutely aware of